Meet The Team

In 1882, the Cravens brothers’ great grandfather founded Merchants National Bank of Fort Smith, Arkansas — a bank so financially sound that depositors nationwide used it as a safe haven throughout the Great Depression. Three generations later, the bank left the family, but its lessons lingered on. Responsible financial stewardship is ingrained in the family’s DNA, a predisposition that proved quite valuable to Cravens’ clients who sidestepped the 2008 financial meltdown, thanks to John Cravens’ prudent advice.

John B. Cravens, AWMAJohn B. Cravens, AWMA

Managing Director

John started the business because being free of bureaucratic entities and structures allows us the freedom to help families navigate life’s challenges – big and small. Our mission is to meld wealth and meaning so they can flourish for generations. John likes wearing a lot of hats, but we strive to keep his focus on what he does best – staying curious and asking questions that inform us about what families are after and what’s getting in the way. John has a long list of experience and accomplishments, including experience on charitable organization boards. We are happy to share that information upon request. Suffice it to say, he’s been in financial advisory and coaching a long time. John enjoys hanging out with his family and sneaking in a round of golf whenever possible.

Tracey DanielTracey Daniel

Operations and Planning Manager

Tracey provides seamless service as she aligns our resources with outside specialists to deliver tax, legal, banking, insurance and healthcare solutions. In other words, Tracey knows who to call and what to do to get things done. Tracey’s twelve years of operational support experience, with a focus on excellent communication, helps us follow through on our commitment to provide independent and personalized service. Tracey lives in Dallas and enjoys spending time with her dog, Maze.



With a given name like Smoker*, he had to grow up with some hutzpah and do something worthwhile. So, he’s been studying financial markets and trading stocks since he was 10 years old. He likes portfolio management, but also wants to focus more on financial coaching to help families to enjoy their wealth – not just financial. When he’s not watching sports, Smoker enjoys playing sports, particularly golf.
*His name dates back to a family ship captain named Smoker in the 1700s